Sidharth Jain

Sidharth Jain

Founder & CEO, Graffersid
Featured speaker at past eChai events:
eChai Demo Day in Indore x Workie
Fri, May 20, 2022 12:30pm UTC
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Sidharth Jain
Founder & CEO, Graffersid
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More about Sidharth Jain

With, an award-winning Websites and Mobile Applications, trusted by startups from YC, Sequoia, TechStars, Harvard, Google Incubation, CocoCola, Sidharth is on a mission to increase the startup success rate by developing user-centric products which drives user intent.

Being the the top 3 writers on Quora for Startup and Entrepreneurship topics, is just one of the ways of reflecting how active and acknowledged he is in the startup ecosystem globally. 
Sidharth actively helps and mentors many tech startup founders, he also manages an active community of 50,000+ Entrepreneurs across platforms. 
Born and brought up in a small town in India, Sidharth completed his graduation via Mumbai University. 
Sidharth has been coding since the age of 16, being a developer himself he understand the technology inside-out. He did his first business at age 20 when he took freelancing projects via closed network. 

This unique combination of tech and business helps him step into the shoe of entrepreneurs to understand the target audience to optimize the work flow with the best tech solutions for their startup. 

Before, Sidharth worked with Accenture as a Subject Matter expert for React.js. With a team of 5 he developed and presented a POC to US client which sold for a million dollar. 
Later as a Business Strategist he helped a startup scale a team of 50 to 150 and grow the MRR by a whopping 450%.
With, the idea is to take the burden of tech away from startups and transform the product idea to a market fit solution which has high acceptability. 

The very first product they took as a company was a Australian startup who wanted to disrupt the Logistics industry. The idea was straight but had many loopholes. The brainstorming went on for over a month which later resulting in a Design prototype. 
The startup was then incubated by Coco-Cola incubation giving GraffersID platform which would then result in its growth. 

Today GraffersID develops website and mobile apps in leading technologies like React.js, React Native, Angular, Node.js, Python, Django, MEAN, MERN, Laravel to name a few.
They provide services for MVP Development for Startup, Dedicated Remote Developers on monthly and hourly basis to Funded startups and corporates. 

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