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Meraj Faheem
CEO, EdVenture Park
Hyderabad, India
Priyanka Kamath
Co-Founder, Skill DAO
Hyderabad, India
Kiran Dutta
Founder, Web3Learn
Hyderabad, India
Sugandh Rakha
Angel Investor
Hyderabad, India

More about Kiran Dutta

Having spent time advising Fortune 500 companies on Strategy, Digital Transformation and building one of the largest Global Family Office networks at SoHo Ventures, I am always fascinated about how to bring efficiencies in the existing Financial system and bring more equitable distribution of Wealth.

Though I got hooked with Blockchain in 2018, having followed the ICO, DeFi Summer & NFT ride in 2021, decided to plunge and build a career in Web 3.0 by Dec'21.

I am addressing the biggest challenge in the Blockchain Ecosystem at the moment - Talent Gap. 

As per Electric Capital Developer Report, Blockchain Talent is a $500 BN Industry and we are still at 20k developers (Total Developers across all technologies - 23 MM).

We are building Web3Learn, to educate folks on Tech & Non Tech Aspects of Blockchain world and bring more people into the Ecosystem by 2024 (1 MM developers).

Though we started in a traditional Web 2.0 EdTech mode, we will be moving towards a DAO structure by Q2, 2022 with a token associated with the platform.

Our goal is - "Any Educator/Content Creator should be able to make a decent living making consistent income on the platform".

These days, I also consult on DAOs, Tokenomics, so if you need any help, please DM me for an initial conversation. 

We are actively looking to hire Community Managers, Content Writers, Content Creators, Video Editors for our platform. Email me at kiran@web3learn.io to discuss further.

Featured speakers at eChai events