Featured speaker at past eChai events:
eChai Developers Summit in Pune
Sat, May 14, 2022 10:30am UTC
Speakers at this event:
Vishal Madan
Head of Engineering, imocha
Pune, India
Yogini Bende
Co-Founder, Peerlist
Pune, India
Vikash Jha
CTO, Plobal Apps
Pune, India
Prashant Chaudhari
Head of Engineering, Jombay
Pune, India
Atharva Sabnis
Founder, NFT Labs
Pune, India

More about Atharva Sabnis

Always happy to chat about growth, technology, entrepreneurship and ideas. If there's any way I can help out, reach me on sabnisatharva@hotmail.com.

NFT Labs is the developer of ITSMYNE, a mobile and web-based social-plus marketplace for officially licensed sports NFTs that enables Web 3 enthusiasts and sports fans to “talk NFTs, trade NFTs". NFT Labs is also the issuer of the MYNE token ($MYNE), a BEP-20 utility token for ITSMYNE and partner dApps. MYNE serves as the gateway between traditional social media and blockchain-based social economies.

Featured speakers at eChai events