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Anshul Rustaggi
Founder, Totality Corp
Delhi-NCR, India
Ravi Chamria
Co-Founder & CEO, Zeeve
Delhi-NCR, India
Preetam Rao
Co-Founder & CEO, Quillhash
Delhi-NCR, India

More about Anshul Rustaggi

I love Virtual Gaming. 

And that’s why, I am developing ZionVerse, a truly decentralised full blown meta verse gaming system. 

I first got introduced to Blockchain in 2011. And since then I am exploring the domain and finding opportunities to use this technology along with my passion for gaming. 

Working in this domain got my interest in TradFi and DeFi. I am an active investor in NFT’s and also recommend people to explore this space for investments as this is the future. 

Personally, I like adventures. I collect puzzles and love to solve them in my free time, which gives me mental stimulation. 

I like to connect with people with similar interests and exchange knowledge and views about the gaming and financial markets. Do ping me for a healthy discussion over coffee or beer.

Featured speakers at eChai events