Today we along with #CoRiser entrepreneurs from eChai community visited the special program being organized at icreate in association with Polynation Ventures to explore the possible collaboration opportunities among  startups from India and Israel.

icreate has a partnership with an Israeli enterprise called Polynation where they are intending to open a bridge for Israeli entrepreneurs to work in India. The concept is that the Israeli company has already established technology that is working in the Israeli marketplace but desires expansion into the Indian marketplace. In order to do this instead of just contracting market research and doing it themselves, they would like to set up an Indian registered company with Indian partners.

Ofir Mizrahi, Partner, Polynation Israel led the program to briefly introduce about startup ecosystem in Israel and Israel/India cooperation opportunities specifically with Polynation but also in general.

"To get a better understanding about entrepreneurial spirit of Israel, checkout his amazing talk by Dan Senorgives. Dan is most famously known for his best seller - "Start Up Nation" which seeks to explore the incredible explosion of innovation taking place in Israel. "

Also thru skype two Israeli founders presented their ventures and interacted with the participants about the possible collaboration opportunities. 

  1. TrendiGuru is a 1 click image monetization software for celebrity style e-commerce advertising and shopping..

  2. Folyou is a website building platform, CMS SaaS, helping digital marketers and designers to easily create professional yet affordable websites and online shops for their clients.

In addition to that, Ofir presented about two other Israeli startups where participants shared their ideas on how they can approach the Indian market.

  • Homebiogas converts household waste to energy and organic fertilizer.

  • Vertical Field company (VF) is a worldwide pioneer in the designing and building of modular,lush green vertical gardens and fields. Innovative and unique in our approach to creating living walls, we design our own system with VF’s state-of-the-art, cutting-edge technology.

Also here's the list of #CoRisers from eChai who attended today's discussion about Indo-Israel startup collaboration were - Pankaj Bhimani (, Kartik Iyer ( Infigic Digital), Dhruv Gupta ( ProfiledSkin) and Mit Somaiya ( DialogueMakers),  icreate team ( Ankit Maachhar, Swarup Pandya & Kahinit Sheth) and Jatin Chaudhary ( eChai). 

Do visit Polynation Ventures, icreate and eChai to know more about these organizations and get involved with them.