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Vakilsearch is the one-stop for all legal services for Indian businesses. Company registration, trademark registration, legal documentation, all at the lowest price.

Here's the candid and insightful conversation with Hrishikesh Datar, Founder,

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What is the one sentence pitch of your venture?

Quality Professional [Lawyer, CA, and CS] Services at Standardised prices.

Tell us more about your team? 

Vakilsearch has about 225-250 superstars! We are a group of young, determined individuals waking up every day to make Professional services simple in India.

I can proudly say that Vakilsearch definitely has one of the youngest teams in India.

How did you come up with the idea of your venture'?

During my law school days at National Law School, Bangalore I came up with the idea of a search engine for legal professionals. This changed in due course and Vakilsearch was born which has gone on to become India’s biggest Legal Tech company.

What problem are you solving?

By being a completely tech-enabled platform and having a customized dashboard for each of the services that we offer, we are simplifying the various processes involved not only in starting a business but also the mandatory compliances that follow thereafter.

Imagine being able to start a company, file for a Trademark and have your legal documents drafted for your business just by being at your office or home at standardized prices.

Also, many a time there are instances where one requires a lawyer to handle their case but is clueless on whom the right lawyer would be for the said matter. Vakilsearch has associated with various lawyers across India and based on their specialization, we not only would put you in touch with a lawyer but also offer a service guarantee.

Our vision is to incentivize lawyers to wind up and conclude matters earlier than usual with different payout mechanisms we have in place.

How does it work?

We follow a simple 3 step process:

  1. Raise a request on
  2. Speak to our executives who educate you on the required service.
  3. Make the payment and have your work executed.

What is your target market?

Initially, our target market was primarily businesses but now we’ve branched out to personal services as well. So any person/business looking for a lawyer/ Chartered Accountant/ Company Secretary is our potential customer.

What is your competitive advantage?

Our professional expertise in each field coupled with one of the finest technology team in the country has helped us with coming up with unparalleled systems in terms of customer experience and our internal execution processes.

Also, because of the volume of work we receive we are able to price them at extremely competitive prices helping us acquire new customers.

We proudly yet humbly can say we incorporate around 7% of the total companies that are incorporated in India.

We also file close to 5% of the total Trademarks that are filed in India.

Incorporation, Compliances, Intellectual Property Rights, Legal Documentation Services - Vakilsearch is a one-stop solution for persons who want to get off the ground with their businesses. We not only help in the incorporation process but also help in the compliances that a company needs thereafter.

How do you plan to market your product? What are your customer acquisition strategies?

Since we have been in the market for a few years now, many businesses that are coming online in Tier I cities are mostly aware of Vakilsearch.

As we are a completely online company at the moment, our entire customer acquisition lies on the internet.

We are working on multiple partnerships and synergies that help us drive more business in Tier II and Tier III cities.

What sort of support and feedback are you looking from the community?

We would be completely open to partnering with companies that make strategic sense to us.

If interested in partnering with us, write to us at '

You can ask more questions to Hrishikesh in the comments section.
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