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Speakers at this event:
Shaamil Karim
Founder & Chief Noorie, Diginoor
Bangalore, India
Yash Rathod
Co-Founder, Diginoor
Chennai, India
Nivedita Vivek
Co-Founder, Naksh
Bangalore, India
Srilakshmi T C
Co-Founder, Naksh
Bangalore, India
Akshit Bordia
Co-Founder, Flint
Bangalore, India

More about Yash Rathod

Yash is currently building Diginoor.io -  India's largest NFT marketplace having struck deals with the largest content houses pan-India like Reliance, Rajinikanth IP and more. 

The teen founder duo of Shaamil and Yash have raised $1 Million in funding from Contrary Capital, Kunal Shah, Sandeep Nailwal, the Dubai Royal Family and more.

Featured speakers at eChai events