Urvi Mandge

Urvi Mandge

Founder, Hexanovate
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Creator, Gullak
Pune, India
Rakhi Pal
Co-Founder, EventBeep
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Namrata Bhujbal
Founder & CEO, Herbona Nutri Products
Pune, India
Urvi Mandge
Founder, Hexanovate
Pune, India

More about Urvi Mandge

"I'm accepting the challenge 💯" ....Robert Whaley

Challenges define me...

I don't believe that there are limits to our capabilities. You can do better always. No matter what. 

I believe in EXPLORING, anything, and everything. 

That is what drives me throughout my LIFE. 😊

Since my childhood, I was always curious about new things, and new sectors to learn. 
Beacuse I love challenging my limits.

I love to talk, make new friends, and express my views. That is how I found writing, a way to express my thoughts. 

I don't call myself as a professional content writer, but I write. I write about my thoughts, ideas, experiences, marketing, business, etc.

You can check out my skills in the Skills Section below. (🔸️Check that out🔸️)

What I love ❤
🔹️Content Writing
🔹️Growth Marketing
🔹️Web Development
🔹️Full Stack Development
🔹️Business Development
🔹️Talking to you😍

People call me PERFECT. 😅
But I don't think I am, because I always feel that there is something more to come. 

Maybe I am not the BEST, but I can be the best in whatever field I go to. 

But wait, 

I think you are the BEST too. 
Because the universe brings like-minded people together. And maybe you coming to my profile is a sign of something amazing coming along...😄

Lastly, lemme tell you how can I help you...

👉 Growth Strategies
👉 Content Writing 
👉 Story telling
👉 Social Media Growth Strategies
👉 Website Developement
👉 Software Developmemt

I am just a message away. 🤗
Feel free to hit me up.

Connect with me to accelerate your growth.📈

👉 Email: [email protected]

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