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Nidhi Pathak
Sr. Content Marketing Manager, Senseforth.ai
Bangalore, India
Shalaka Kulkarni
Global Marketing Communications and Branding Professional | Author - Orenda
Bangalore, India
Ugesh Sarcar
Founders, Fans Tribe
Bangalore, India

More about Ugesh Sarcar

From Google, Wipro, SAP Labs, Reliance, to Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, The Ambanis, I have had the pleasure to challenge, thrill and baffle audiences from around the globe. 

Whether it's Street Magic or Mentalism, Hypnosis or Illusion, Paranormal or Psychic, I am constantly working on my expertise as a Master in all forms of the King of Arts. 

As a master of human psychology, and with an invested intrest in the growth of others, I am also an international speaker. My talks on harnessing the power of psychology to improve performance, teamwork, self worth, and much more, has left a deep impact on the attendees of global conferences the likes of RIE, DLD, INKtalks, TEDx, and more. 

Creating history happens to be a passion of mine and I've managed to do pretty well so far. I am India's First and Ultimate Street Magician with my record holding television show, Ugesh Sarcar's 3rd Degree. I happen to be the first person to combine magic and a product to create memorable and impactful advertisements. Just for fun, I also became India's first Dancing Magician on Jhalakk Dikh La Jaa. Through one of my pet projects, IAmPossible Magic, where I trained differently abled individuals in the art of magic to become world class performers, one of my heroes (because they are real-life heroes) became the World's First One Legged Man to ride a Bullet, Blindfolded, in Traffic.

My live show, Your Mind is Mine, was the first show on Mentalism in India, where the tickets were priced at a premium rate, easily triple that of any regular "magic show", and we've had housefulls and standing ovations every time. 

The same goes for my virtual experience, Your Mind is Mine 2.0, which I created during the Covid-19 pandemic in order to bring about a positive mindset in the world which is clearly in a state of mental struggle. The show has already been performed with the likes of Delhi Capitals, Bhagyashree, Goqii and more. 

This is just a brief glimpse into who I am and what I've done, so far. Stay tuned, because I'm not done yet!

Featured speakers at eChai events