Stanley Ng

Program Director - Southeast Asia, New Energy Nexus

Speaking at CoRise SEA Summit Dec 17th - 18th SGT

Stories from Global Startup Ecosystems and Startup Support Programs

Fri, Dec 18 7:00am UTC

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More about Stanley Ng

Stanley is the Program Director for New Energy Nexus in Southeast Asia, currently working on building energy startup ecosystems in the region. He works with universities, companies and civil society to support budding entrepreneurs in enabling the transition to a clean energy economy. He has a digital technology and energy innovation background with experience in renewables, cleantech startups, digital media, and IT advisory. He is an advocate of innovation and entrepreneurship’s role in the energy transition.

Stanley is a native of New York City and has spent the last 12 years working in energy startups and digital technology companies in the United States and the Asia Pacific region.