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Sharad Bansal
Co-Founder, Tinkerly
Jaipur, India
Shipra Bhutani
Founder & CEO, Capacita Connect & Jagan Raj Professional Studies
Jaipur, India
Prateek Mathur
Founder, SaaS Internet
Jaipur, India
Hardik Lashkari
Copywriter for Fintech Startups & Brands
Jaipur, India
Mahima Merani
Global Business Head, SchooNews
Jaipur, India

More about Prateek Mathur

Prateek Mathur is an entrepreneur, blogger, and SaaS consultant. I started my professional journey as an entrepreneur and has founded, SaaSinternet.com. At SaaS Internet, we build digital products that streamline and improve the everyday lives of SaaS Buyers.

Our Products SaaSDekho.com, FindFirms.in, SaaS Management Tool, SaaS Deals Platform, and others bring trusted insights to software buyers and sellers based on real-time data.

I like to solve problems. My intellectual curiosity has driven me to find answers to the most pressing questions throughout my career. Whether it’s finding a perfect song for a film or finding a rare product for a rocket, I’ve been able to quickly uncover a customer’s pain point and identify a strategic solution.

Featured speakers at eChai events