Piyush Bhamare

Piyush Bhamare

Head of Sales, iMocha
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Anshul Motwani
Founder, WittyPen
Pune, India
Piyush Bhamare
Head of Sales, iMocha
Pune, India
Roli Pandey
CTO, Zucate
Pune, India

More about Piyush Bhamare

In my journey to become extraordinary, I’m surrounded by extraordinary people, working on an extraordinary AI powered skills assessment platform.

Which was featured at Times Square as the most comprehensive skills assessment platform across the globe.

And even Satya Nadella mentioned it in his fireside chat with Flipkart Group CEO Kalyan Krishnamurthy at the Resurgence TiEcon for innovation.

iMocha covers all digital skills assessments with a host of next-gen skills to ensure a smooth digital transformation.

Has -

500+ IT skills,

20+ coding languages,

50+ Next-Gen skills,

20+ domain skills,

50+ aptitude and communication skills.

Trusted by leading brands worldwide** -
Capgemini, Altran, Credit-Suisse, Hexaware, Gartner, Fujitsu, United Nations, WTO, UpGrad, Coupa, Cognizant, Ericsson.

Leading a team of inside sales teams has never been so exhilarating to me, nor has my personal goal-achieving-journey looked so promising at the same time.

When you have an extraordinary journey to walk, you must do extraordinary things.

And with people around with singular focus, the journey is easier, happier and more fulfilling.

I’m always on a hunt to find talented inside sales people and if you want to join this team, ping me.

And if you are looking for a skill assessment to reduce your hiring time or cost, or enhance your recruitment branding, email me at piyush@imocha.biz

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