Featured speaker at past eChai events:
eChai Developers Meetup in Pune
Fri, Jun 24, 2022 11:30am UTC
Speakers at this event:
Shashank Agrawal
Founder, Cooee®
Pune, India
Nikhil Bhaskaran
Founder, IoTIoT.in
Pune, India
Saiprasad Shankar
CTO, Deciml
Pune, India
Amit Chavan
Co-Founder, EffCode Technologies
Pune, India

More about Nikhil Bhaskaran

n one line: Energetic , Doer , Passionate, techie , Love to help , Highly Spiritual (not religious) 

I wear multiple hats 
Entrepreneur ( life time)
Startup,Tech Community builder
Mozilla Remo( till 2015) 

More than a decade of experience in core electronics from design to production ,7 years of running my business in Shenzhen has given me rare insights into world supply chain for electronics , manufacturing and product development . 

I am the no nonsense guy you would want to find if you want to get your work done . I dont believe in fancy titles , show off . I am the guy you will surely dismiss as just another face in the crowd until u ever work with me .

Started working early in life from the age of 17 have done a lot from door to door selling, to surveys , to assembling computers, to running software company ,to organizing events , to repairing laptops , to leading startup communities , tech evangelism for Mozilla , to ... ...this list will grow a lot more before I die . 
All I think my soul is here is to collect experiences and humbly learn from them .

I love what I am doing or rather do only what I love . So I dont take up every work that comes my way but dont let that stop you from connecting with me . I think diverse perspectives is what leads to growth so would like to connect with all kinds of people and if I can be of any help ..sure.

Enjoying every moment of life .. nothing is mine and nothing is forever .

Featured speakers at eChai events