Meena Shah

Meena Shah

Co-Founder & CTO, iView Labs
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Khyati Jha
Founder, Spectrum Partners
Ahmedabad, India
Meena Shah
Co-Founder & CTO, iView Labs
Ahmedabad, India
Gaurav Barot
CEO, ContCentric
Ahmedabad, India
Dr. Geetika Saluja
Co-Founder, Boho Homes
Ahmedabad, India
Simarpreet Singh
Director, Hartek Group
Chandigarh, India

More about Meena Shah

She has been in the IT industry for about 16 years with a varied experience of working for product & service companies.She has helped many founders & Startups to build great digital products from idea to MVP..She is Passionate about Technology, People, New Ideas, Innovation & Problem Solving.She also runs an online community of Creative Problem Solvers and offline Meetups for Idea Generation & Problem Solving.She is curious about new technologies, new perspectives & Experiences and  an Experimenter at heart. 


iView Labs is a trustable tech partner to startups and Enterprises for new software product development and for software innovation.



  • technology

  • entrepreneurship

  • design

  • Strategy

  • Creativity

  • innovation

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