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Bhavini Kamdar
Founder & CEO, Outliers Publishing
Ahmedabad, India
Sejal Pravin Purohit
Founder, Seven Spring
Ahmedabad, India
Menka Gurnani
Founder & Director, Hidaa Life Science
Ahmedabad, India
Manali Doshi
Co-Founder, Welzar
Ahmedabad, India

More about Manali Doshi

I am an innovative, dynamic and highly motivated professional with commercial astute. A meticulous, committed and driven individual, who aspires to constantly exceed given and new targets; whilst ensuring excellent service is provided to the clients. A high achiever with a can do approach, drive, enthusiasm and a desire to get the job done, as well as having an engaging and adaptable personality. 

A very good coordinator with excellent interpersonal and communication skills; equipped with strong analytical and numerical skills.

Feel free to connect with me for business and professional networking: [email protected]


Welzar is the fruit of an innovatively-heated debate. A conversation ​that ​started between two enthu-cutlets ​representing​ two different ​industries​, exchanging their ​ideas​ about re-building & re-creating dedicated​ wardrobes. The exchange of ideologies made them realize how seldom do we care about ​a ​‘Wellness Wardrobe’! This ​navigated them to a​ ‘Made In India’ wellness entity - Welzar.
The creators, inventors & c​o-founders​ of Welzar; Manali Doshi belonging from the realm of Chemical Industry and Dinesh Parmar who is a successful IP Lawyer had the faith that ‘will, will find a way’ when it comes to the creation of the newly ​envisioned ​Wellness Wardrobe becoming synonymous with Welzar​, the King Of Wellness​. The co-founders creatively activated their network thread to come up with the best ​in class​ ​product range of pain-relievers and self-care products.

Featured speakers at eChai events