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Goda Raghavan
Partner, AK Law Chambers
Chennai, India
Khuzema Siamwala
CEO, Siam Computing
Chennai, India

More about Khuzema Siamwala

Khuzema is an entrepreneur from Chennai, India. His passion towards using technology as enabler to build better businesses led him to start Siam Computing. He works with companies from across the world and has helped build technology products for both startups and enterprises alike. A stickler for details, nothing pleases him more than a solution that's well designed and crafted with the end user in mind. 

In 2015, he started building Hisabing, with a mission to bring technology to the grassroot small and medium business of India. He also helped co-found Startups Club, a premier destination for early stage startups. 

A graduate of Crescent Engineering College, his other passions include playing table tennis, taking care of his terrace garden and watching at least one movie per week. 

His long term passion is to see India becoming a superpower in our lifetimes. 

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