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Neha Kumari
Founder & CEO, Carret
Bangalore, India
Jasveen Kaur
Founder, Clime DAO
Bangalore, India

More about Jasveen Kaur

Building Clime DAO as a web3 protocol. 

Clime DAO allows web3 developers, Individual or consumer or households (ICH) users, Environmentalists/Climate Advisors and Green Champions to participate in Carbon footprint reduction through CLIM token (NFT- ERC 721) and CLI token (ERC20). Overall, with 15+ years of experience in creating B2B SaaS based product and platform strategies. Recent stint with Robert Bosch includes building Web3 SaaS based Supply chain Platform(built on Quorum) and Product Autotrace. 

Prior experience with Fidelity includes supporting on-prem proprietary financial services applications.  

Led products from Discovery, Product Market Fit to early growth stages. Experienced with using emerging technologies such as Blockchain, AI and IOT to solve meaningful problems. 

Exposure to many verticals/domains such as Supply Chain, Automotive, Manufacturing, Mobility, Health Care and Retirement Wealth.

Featured speakers at eChai events