Hardik Lashkari

Hardik Lashkari

Copywriter for Fintech Startups & Brands
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Sharad Bansal
Co-Founder, Tinkerly
Jaipur, India
Shipra Bhutani
Founder & CEO, Capacita Connect & Jagan Raj Professional Studies
Jaipur, India
Prateek Mathur
Founder, SaaS Internet
Jaipur, India
Hardik Lashkari
Copywriter for Fintech Startups & Brands
Jaipur, India
Mahima Merani
Global Business Head, SchooNews
Jaipur, India

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Copywriter for Fintech Startups & Brands 

Ghostwriter for Leading Founders and Influencers


If I am ever stuck in an elevator with a naked woman, a laptop, and a thesaurus, you’ll find me doing ONLY one thing:

“Finding a synonym in the thesaurus to write on laptop about life-lessons I learned while being stuck with a naked woman in an elevator.”

Convinced with my eternal love for copywriting, yeah?

What do I do?

For BUSINESSES and STARTUPS: I write clear and engaging copy for digital advertising across digital and social media. I also write informative articles and blogs to educate the target audience.

For FOUNDERS and DIGITAL INFLUENCERS: I ghostwrite LinkedIn posts and Twitter threads to help them build thought-leadership in their domain. 

I write majorly around finance, marketing, startups and entrepreneurship, leadership and self-development. But I don't mind exploring other niches [as long as you don't offer me something from TECHNOLOGY or EROTICA field :p]

“Hardik, how do you make sure your work is unique and captivating?”

Oh, I CONSUME a lot. When not working, you’ll find me:

• Reading books
• Listening to podcasts
• Watching videos
• TALKING to people

The last one is the most useful skill I’ve learnt that helps me bring uniqueness, relevance, and sharpness to my writing.

Ok, enough about me. Tell me something about you.

A book you just read or a podcast episode I should definitely listen to? I’m all ears.

Also, if you want to work with me to help you elevate your company or personal brand through my copywriting or ghostwriting skills, DM me or shoot an email at [email protected]

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