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Speakers at this event:
Anna Melissa Nava
Co-Founder & CEO, 1Export
Manila, Philippines
Sharon Vaswani
CEO, PanOphthalmics
Manila, Philippines
Jojo Flores
Co-Founder, Plug and Play Tech Center
Manila, Philippines
ER Rollan
Co Founder & CEO, Growsari Inc.
Manila, Philippines
Andrew Koger
Founder & CEO, HelixPay
Manila, Philippines
David Cutler
Co-Founder, Fortuna Cools
Manila, Philippines

More about David Cutler

David is Co-founder and CEO of Fortuna Cools, a company that transforms agricultural waste into packaging and consumer products. David and his classmates at Stanford University's design school started Fortuna Cools to help farmers and fishermen earn more from their harvest, and help companies and individuals reduce their plastic consumption.

Featured speakers at eChai events