Featured speaker at past eChai events:
EdTech Founders Meetup in Ahmedabad
Fri, Jun 24, 2022 12:30pm UTC
Speakers at this event:
Niraj Harlalka
Founder, Eduberance
Ahmedabad, India
Sushil Agrawal
Founder & CEO, Saarthi Pedagogy
Ahmedabad, India
Shalin Parikh
Founder & CEO, Entigrity
Ahmedabad, India
Arindam Sengupta
Co-Founder, EduFund
Ahmedabad, India
Jatin Chaudhary
Salesman, eChai Ventures
Ahmedabad, India
Dr Megha Bhatt
Founder, SciKnowTech
Ahmedabad, India

More about Arindam Sengupta

Co-Founder, EduFund

We are one of India’s first investment apps focused purely on higher education, providing parents with a unique roadmap to meet the financial goals for their child's higher education, be it abroad or in India.

The app offers users the option to create an investment plan and invest in both Indian and US funds. Our holistic planning tool helps parents estimate the cost of education, and use counselling services for test prep, mentorship, and admissions.

EduFund is built by India's trusted investment experts and backed by angel and US institutional investors. We are a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). Our purpose is simple - enable Indian parents and empower Indian students.

Featured speakers at eChai events