Angel Lovera

Angel Lovera

Founder, BCDA Aeronautical solutions
Miami, US
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Startup Growth Networking Meetup in Dubai
Fri, Aug 19, 2022 2:00pm UTC
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CEO, Pilsenga
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Angel Lovera
Founder, BCDA Aeronautical solutions
Miami, US

More about Angel Lovera

Fighter, Commercial and Airline Transport Pilot with more than 5,000 flight hours. 
graduated in Venezuelan Air Force Academy (1st in class) in 2006.

commercial pilot (venezuela) and ATP (FAA)
Current type ratings:
Captain GV + 1,500 hrs
Captain CE560XL. + 600 hrs
Captain BE300 + 600 hrs
SIC CL-601 + 200 hrs
SIC C-500 + 300 hrs

CEO The Jet Manager: Aviation solutions for management, flight safety, sms, finance and more.
VP BCDA Aeronautical Solutions LLC, Aviation software development company.

Founder App JETMAN PAY for payments of Aviation related services worldwide


BCDA is a company created by 2 of the most awarded pilots in Venezuelan History. Between Alberto and Angel Lovera are thousands of Flight Hours, more than 40 National and International Awards and diplomas as well as more than 30 years of experience in management and aviation safety.

Diminutive for the callsign BARRACUDA, BCDA has come to challenge the way systems and platforms manage airports and flight departments. With 2 mobile apps designed and developed 100% by our team, more than 30 international airlines and 300 private operators trust us with their operations.

Featured speakers at eChai events