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Mother, Home Maker & First time Entrepreneur. Its all about living in the moment and acting as per circumstances. Only when we are balanced, the best out of us is felt and can be leveraged on it to build, sustain, help and grow. We are all inter connected and everything happening around is helping us to evolve..

"Chai Creates Connections". GO FOR CHAI is an initiative by women entrepreneur. EK ACCHI CHAI HAMESHA AUR HAR JAGAH LAGTI HAI.

The Buddha said that we find a path, we must cultivate it to the extent that we would find that path again…make the roots deep enough so when the storm of death comes, they still hold.

I’ve seen that people translate the wisdom of tea into whatever tradition they come from…because the sharing and drinking of tea is a nonverbal transmission.

Tea sutras were written by nature in the veins of the leaf and they’re timeless and nonverbal. When I offer you this bowl of tea, you can’t say that you don’t believe in it or disagree with it because there is nothing to disagree with. It’s just an act of loving kindness and an act of presence.

As far as I am concerned, Chai Connects us in three essential ways : It connects with nature, it connects us to ourselves and it connects us to each other.

Excited to connect, collaborate and co-create..

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