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Akash Sureka
CEO & MD at Tavisca
Pune, India
Akash Deep Singhal
Founder and CEO of illumnus
Bangalore, India
Atul Poharkar
Founder at Plobal Apps
Pune, India
Nikunj Verma
CEO at CutShort.io
Pune, India

More about Akash Sureka

Akash Sureka serves as the CEO & MD of Tavisca, A CxLoyalty Platform, now a J P Morgan Division. He’s a serial entrepreneur himself, with successful exits to public companies like Persistent Systems Ltd. He comes with a strong background with more than 21+ years of varied technology products and business leadership experience in global technology companies like NVIDIA, Bilcare, Persistent, Nokia, Motorola, CxLoyalty, J P Morgran, and start-up unicorns like Icertis.

Prior joining to Tavisca Akash was a Founder & CEO of a global product start-up company in the mobile internet ecosystem, acquired by Persistent Systems. Akash, was also the CEO of a SAAS company, later acquired by Software AG.

 Akash has been nominated for Young Entrepreneur by Business World, Top 100 Asian Companies, and also as a Top Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum. He recently got nominated as a corporate game-changer by European Corporate Vision magazine for his new corporate thought leadership. Akash has co-authored international publications like “Everything Guide To Mobile Apps” published by International publishing agency Adams Media. Akash is an advisor to global start-ups, Accelerators, VC’S, Angel Groups, and similar organizations across the globe.

Featured speakers at eChai events