Featured speaker at past eChai events:
D2C Founders Meetup in Bangalore
Fri, Jun 24, 2022 12:30pm UTC
Speakers at this event:
Radhika Datt
Co-Founder, One Good (formerly Goodmylk)
Bangalore, India
Prashanth Vastred
Co-Founder, Guduchi Ayurveda
Bangalore, India
Aashish Ramamurthy
Head Evangelist, Moda
Bangalore, India

More about Aashish Ramamurthy

Experienced community builder for brands in SAAS , Travel and hospitality till date. 

Currently is a Head Evangelist at https://www.getmoda.io/. We are building CDP + Marketing Engine to help DTC promoters solve retention and scale problems driven by data and automation. 

Happy to talk about community building, SAAS, DTC, driving organic traffic , growth strategies and playbooks.

Featured speakers at eChai events