We have curated this super insightful videos from YouTube Playlist of Greylock Partners' ScaleUp Offsite 2017.

Growth Panel with Gustaf Alströmer and Ed Baker, moderated by Josh Elman

"In this panel, Greylock's Josh Elman talks with Y Combinator Partner and former Airbnb Product Lead for Growth Gustaf Alströmer and former Uber Head of Product and VP of Growth Ed Baker about establishing a north star metric, growing in local markets, and how to measure the things that can't be measured." 

The Job of a CFO at a Scaling Company with Sarah Friar and Jason Child

"Once a company reaches a certain scale, one of their most important hires will be a Chief Financial Officer. In this panel, YC Continuity's Anu Hariharan chats with Square CFO Sarah Friar and Opendoor CFO Jason Child about how to vet and hire a CFO, and when the right time is for a company to go public." 

Building Your Board with Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman

"As your company scales, your Board of Directors will scale along with it. In this talk, Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman shares personal anecdotes about his evolving relationship with his board and teaches leaders how to build pipeline and interview for board positions."

Hiring Executives with Greylock Talent Partner Jeff Markowitz

"Bringing on world class leadership is incredibly valuable for a scaling company, but executive hiring can be a long and delicate process. In this talk, Greylock Talent Parter Jeff Markowitz breaks down five steps of hiring executives, starting from planning all the way to making the final offer. "

Designing for Trust with Airbnb's Joe Gebbia and Reid Hoffman

"Since its founding in 2008, Airbnb has changed the way people travel and stay in new places around the world. In this fireside, Greylock's Reid Hoffman sits down with Airbnb co-founder and Chief Product Officer Joe Gebbia to talk about doing things that don't scale, designing for trust, and creating a company culture that inspires their team and community. "

Scaling Culture with Jason Kilar

"In the early days of a startup, founders can maintain control of company culture. But as the company grows, how can they ensure the DNA and values of the early team scale with it? Jason Kilar has worked at a number of iconic companies, including Disney and Amazon, before joining Hulu as the CEO and later founding Vessel. In this talk, he shares mechanisms some of these companies used to scale their culture as they grew to thousands of employees." 

From Startup to Scaleup with Reid Hoffman and Sam Altman

"Silicon Valley is home to many of the fastest growing and most well known startups in the world. In this fireside, Reid Hoffman from Greylock Partners and Sam Altman from Y Combinator share their perspectives on how Silicon Valley companies effectively blitzscale, how to think about hiring when a startup is growing quickly, and why culture is so connected to the success of a company."