Here's the recording of the first edition of eChai Open House.

eChai Open House is a platform for promising startups from the community to present their ventures, get early feedback and engage with the community.

Featured Startups: SquadCam, Storyflock, and Anywhera.


Startup Showcase 1:  SquadCam

Here's the brief interview with Alen Abraham, Co-Founder, SquadCam.

SquadCam is a camera app which shares photos automatically and instantly with the people in the photos, using ML-based face identification technology.

What problem are you solving? What is your target market?

Current smartphone cameras are not smart enough to identify people and share photos by themselves. It causes 6-8 additional steps for users to share photos. SquadCam solves this problem for global smartphone users who click photos with their friends and family.

How Does SquadCam work?

SquadCam will identify users in the photographs and instantly share photos. SquadCam will only share photos with other SquadCam users and to share photos with someone his phone number should be there in your contact list.

What is the traction of SquadCam?

We have around 30,000+ downloads and 500 DAU.

How do you plan to market SquadCam? What are your customer acquisition strategies?

Influencer marketing, campus ambassadors program, social media marketing are our main marketing strategies. We analyze the usage patterns of the users and tweak product features regularly.

What sort of support and feedback are you looking from the community?

We are looking for funding(Pre Series A) connects. Also connects with similar product teams.


Startup Showcase 2: Storyflock

Storyflock anchors podcasts and live events and helps optimize e-commerce shops. We write essays, scripts, and taglines. We design research and libraries.

Startup Showcase 2: Anywhera

Anywhera plans your weekend getaway keeping your destination a surprise. We do the work, you pack up and go.
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