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I would define myself as a Strategic Thinker with a flair towards Marketing and Sales, a Startup Enthusiast and a passionate ENTREPRENEUR. Currently, a Co-founder, heading the role of sourcing, ...
Founder, Digiwork
Hustling Since 2009! Founder @Digiwork. Running a Profitable SAAS Company. Digital Marketing Nerd!
Consistently trying to think in terms of systems, not goals; processes, not outcomes; and philosophies, not tactics and how it can bring about change that lasts. Also, passionately curious.
Founder, - A SaaS Platform that takes local Small and Medium businesses online within 15 minutes flat, lets them post updates to their website through web, app and sms platforms and ...
I am an investment banker with nearly 15 years of experience. I have worked with a number of startups and large corporations and advised them in fine tuning their strategies and raising capital for...
Founder, Accolades Global
building a tech product to address developer community & Create a gateway for developers
I'm at the cultural intersection of art, community, content, design, growth, marketing, products, social media & technology. Tweet @malavwarke
Specialties: Web Business Strategy, eam building, 2nd & 3rd screen usability, People Management, e-Commerce, portals, board formation, and team leadership. Mobile Strategy, Web Business Modeling, W...
Professional, Neutrinos
Developer Relations & Product Evengelism @ Neutrinos | Trader | Jedi who will become Yoda | Goal to travel entire India by 2030
Founder, Vwin Global Private Limited
Hi. This is Nihar. After failed Edtech SaaS startup in 2014, I have focused on management consulting projects.
Professional, Kavadia & co
I am a finance professional. Interested in consulting startups and also develop my FinTech startup.
Building cutting-edge software applications and delivering better customer experience for business. I believe in "Quality" & "Agility" (the main aspect of my work). Expertise into Software Applicat...
Professional, Indiqus
A self taught marketing & sales professional. Have taken SaaS products from $0 to $10M in revenue. I call myself a micro-CEO of every product I work on. Worked in telecom, security, cloud computi...
Founder, Mobilytics
Co-founder at Mobilytics, Into electric mobility
Founder, The Faraday Learning Co.
I am a founder of two failed ventures and onto my third one. The failures have given me a different perspective to look at early stage venture problems and ways to tackle them.
Founder, |
Cofounder of 2 companies and the former is India's #1 gardening ecommerce website and the latter is a SaaS application for Shipping, Invoicing and auto routing orders...
Founder, BhaiFi Networks
I'm Ankit Verma, CEO of BhaiFi. An early ethical hacker & Engineer by choice. A Cybersecurity Evangelist & Entrepreneur by karma. Holds a couple of patents, improving India's overall Cybersecurity ...
Founder at Vastra App. I worked as Product Manager in CricHeroes and Digicorp. Vastra App is Smart Digital Assistant for Apparel Manufacturers, Traders, Karigars(Artisans). Most apparel manu...
I'm a curiousapien. Ex-IIITH. Currently, building my startup part-time.
Professional, Octal IT Solution
Emily Cooper is a Digital Marketing Expert cum Tech Blogger and Entrepreneur. Working to create a marketing strategy and promote business online.