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Marketing & Communications Expert. Reetika has won more than 100 awards as a panellist and trained more than 15 TED speaker's across india. Presently serves as Strategy consultant with 8+ women...
Professional, Chargebee
The People's Man β„’ πŸ•ΊπŸ»| Storyteller | Community Builder | Content Creator | Speaker | Setting Vibes. Touching Lives. 🌱
Mechie from NIT-S, Founded monthly news letter for college, Interned at IIM-A, Patented Front Adaptive Lighting System, Kairos Fellow, Published a paper on Gesture Interfacing Devices, Worked as an...
Business Strategist, Digital Marketer, SEO Consultant and Information junkie with a penchant for quick wit.
Founder, Avishkar India
I am an IISc graduate, with 6 yrs of corporate experience and 3 yrs of NGO work and now an Entrepreneur.