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Professional, Chargebee
The People's Man β„’ πŸ•ΊπŸ»| Storyteller | Community Builder | Content Creator | Speaker | Setting Vibes. Touching Lives. 🌱
Founder, - A SaaS Platform that takes local Small and Medium businesses online within 15 minutes flat, lets them post updates to their website through web, app and sms platforms and ...
Computer engineering graduate worked as a data scientist for nearly 4 years. Formerly Product lead @MachineHack, Data Scientist Now building Parva. Find more at
With 9 locations and counting, our international hostels provide opportunity for traveling startups, digital nomads, creatives, and the larger entrepreneurial community to connect to new opportunit...
Founder, AlumniKart
I am the kind of person who has a strong fantasy for the robotic industry. Community building is also part of my league