Due to the current Coronavirus situation in India, we've postponed all the upcoming sessions for the India edition.

CoRise Summit

April 20th - August 27th, 2021 ( GMT +00)
A global startup summit focused on learning from Startup Growth Stories from 50+ Countries.
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APAC Aug 02 - Aug 06

Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne, Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei, Jakarta, Malaysia, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Colombo, Manila, Brunei, Dhaka, Phnom Penh.

Europe Aug 09 - Aug 13

London, Amsterdam, Tallinn, Berlin, Madrid, Stockholm, Dublin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Paris, Zurich, Oslo, Helsinki, Lisbon, Warsaw.

Middle East Aug 16 - Aug 17

Doha, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Amman, Beirut, Manama, Istanbul, Muscat.

Africa Aug 18 - Aug 20

Dar es Salaam, Nairobi, Lagos, Cape Town, Algiers, Kigali, Tunis, Accra, Cairo, Kampala, Windhoek.

LATAM Aug 23 - Aug 24

Sao Palo, Santiago, Lima, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Bogota.

USA Aug 25 - Aug 26

New York, Chicago, Austin, Phoenix, Seattle, Boston, Atlanta, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles.

Canada Aug 27 - Aug 27

Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver.