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Startup Growth Networking Meetup + 1:1 Networking

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Startup Growth Networking Meetup will be great opportunity to engage with the community and build business relationships.

It will be held on every Saturday.


- Startup Growth Stories (20 Mins)

Nachiket Patel, Founder, Logicwind

Keyur Bhalavat, Founder, Plutomen

- Learnings from Mistakes by Founder(10 Mins)

Shruti Kushwah, Founder, Crealoons Innovations

- Startup Showcase from the community (10 Mins)

- 1:1 Networking Calls with participants (20 Mins)

Key points:

- Exclusively for eChai Members
- Limited Seats
- 1:1 Networking
- Registration closes 1 hr before the start of the Meetup

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Sanjay Rawat @sanjay-rawat-e8da8d

let me explore new avenues of engagement

nitisha sharma @nitisha-sharma

want to know more people of same interest