India's 1st Market Network for Apparel Industry

How does it work?:

Vastra App is a simple mobile app to manage sales, purchase, production and design workflow of the Indian apparel manufacturing industry. It makes life easy for all the stakeholders (Manufacturers, Karigars (artisans), Traders, Wholesalers, Designers, Agents, etc.) with WhatsApp like simplicity.

What is USP?:

VastraApp is a smarter and efficient replacement of existing manual and time-consuming processes with the smart intervention of technology

What is Traction?:

- 500+ Paid Businesses using the app.
- Total 15L+ Transactions (like Sales, Dispatch, Production) happens on the app. We have total 20k+ master data (like Karigars, Customers, Agents, Suppliers) are registered.
- Total so far INR 5+ billion delivery processed from the app.
- Total so far INR 800+ million Payment processing to Karigars done on the app.

Looking for Support and/or feedback from the community?:

We are looking for partners to expand the reach in different areas of the country. Also, we are in process of raising funds.

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Jatin Chaudhary @jatin10

How did you get the early customers/users for your startup?

VIKASH RAJPUROHIT @vikash-rajpurohit

Hey @jayin10

Before starting development we interviewed almost 150+ business owners across Ahmedabad and Surat from Textiles Market.

Then we launch MVP within 3 months with simple Production module and give it to 10 of them for usage.

We incorporated feedback and launched it as SaaS platform. This is how we find 10 early adopters of the app.

Today more than 550+ businesses are managing their business using VastraApp across India. Majority customers acquired via Vitality and Referrals.