Animated Explainer Videos

How does it work?:

We are a B2B Animated Explainer video company
Focuses on the marketing videos of Business product or service with the sole purpose of making profit for the clients in terms of attracting more leads .

What is USP?:

We work on Custom Made Videos. Hence each brand / business/ company can expect their video to be unique.

What is Traction?:

Basically we are bootstrap company working with brands and startups. We have reached 600+ videos made for our customers till now.

Looking for Support and/or feedback from the community?:

More towards the value of marketing , how one can reach the business goal with the help of experience of different people in the community.


'MotionGility is an ace animated explainer video production company that narrates brand stories. We are a team of creative and expert artists delivering the best animated explainer videos to promote the business stories. At MotionGility, we believe in delivering the most appealing videos in the shortest span of time.'

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Jatin Chaudhary @jatin10

How did you get the early customers/users for your startup?