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How does it work?:

We are highly accessible through our online portal and tollfree consultation line 18003134151. You can find a one-stop solution to all day-to-day compliance, registrations, and legal requirements here.

1. You can simply place your service order on our portal
2. We will assign an expert relationship manager, who will guide you through the process
3. Our team will work with great care and attention to detail and execute the service request, backed by a 100% satisfation guarantee.

Be part of a family of 5,000+ startups and MSMEs that found to be their preferred choice for keeping compliant.

What is USP?:

1. Unfiltered customer satisfaction rate - 9.5/10
2. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
3. Strong communication at each level of order execution
4. Startup friendly pricing, and always accessible through a state-of-art tech stack

What is Traction?:

1. We have served more than 5,000 businesses so far
2. We have attracted more than 60,000 registrations on the site
3. We claim happy clients across all the states and major cities of India

Looking for Support and/or feedback from the community?:

1. Help us evolve better by providing insights. Which services can we include as offerings to be more comprehensive
2. Any constructive feedback for our services
3. Help us grow, be a client, and spread the word!

About: is the leading provider of personalized online legal solutions - company registration, GST, legal documents drafting, accounting, and other services to keep your business compliant with law.

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Gagan Agrawal @gagan-agrawal

Interesting startup Shrijay! I believe one of the legal bottlenecks for me today is the time taken for a IP/trademark registration. How quick and differentiated can you offer services in this regard?

Shrijay Sheth @shrijay-sheth

Hi Gagan. TM Registration is one of our top selling services. With the scale, we are able to bring costs down for our clients with superior quality of service! More than 1,000 businesses trust us for their IP protection. We provide free consultation for TM process, search and class selection with a guaranteed application filing in 3 business days. eChai members surely avail a special discount on TM Registration and other services, which also is one of the most redeemed offer on eChai portal, I believe!

Some of very happy eChai customers include CricHeroes, plutomen, ProfiledSkin, and many more..

Gagan Agrawal @gagan-agrawal

Hey Shrijay, sounds good. Will dm you on this shortly!

Keyur Rakholiya @keyur-rakholiya

Are you providing service for patent registration?

Shrijay Sheth @shrijay-sheth

Hello Keyur! We do help with Patent Registrations. Please let me know your contact details or drop an email at to discuss further. Thanks.

Nishith Shukla @nishith-shukla

Hi Shrijay, Can you help with preparing Non-Disclosure agreement as well as legal contract document specially for US based client?

Shrijay Sheth @shrijay-sheth

Hi Nishith. We can surely assist with that. Can you please provide your contact number/email ID? Thanks.

Jatin Chaudhary @jatin10

How did you get the early customer for your startup?

Shrijay Sheth @shrijay-sheth

While very early traction came from friends and family, we also had significant clients from outbound marketing, google PPC, and other online channels. We participated in events, published blogs, etc to establish a trust and thought leadership. Clients found the trust value and quickly started to refer the services to others. Communities like eChai and others played a significant role in getting the word out to our target market niche.

Krishna Shah @KrishnaChoksi

Have you changed any strategies during Covid-19 pandemic?

Shrijay Sheth @shrijay-sheth

We certainly had some changes in operational set-up to be more friendly for "work from anywhere" scenario. That led to continued aggressive investment in cloud-based technologies, and resructuring of our home-grown CRM to be highly accessible through the web for internal teams, along with better security, control and functional features. As part of this, we are also now working on entering a SAAS market for enabling other professional offices on cloud through a CRM integrated with LW systems. COVID, as it did for many businesses, also opened opportunities for us as a relatively early adopter of the technology to make a bigger impact in this conventioanally run industry.